Re: [gardeners] Tuesday in the garden

George Shirley (
Wed, 14 Apr 1999 07:24:48 -0500

Jane Burdekin wrote:

> Hi George,
> We got your rain!  I am so happy, it has been raining all night with
> thunder and everything!  We so seldom get rain this is a real treat.  We
> really need it.
> Jane
> > Not much going on in the garden today except running the soaker hoses
> > again. Still no rain even though it was forecast. Chiles, green beans,
> > scarlet runner beans, and tomatoes are all blooming good and the little
> > radishes are getting fatter. Spring lettuce is about the size of a small
> > dog's ear now and just right for salads. Grass needs mowing, bah humbug
> > but Miz Anne did get out yesterday and whack a bunch of stuff in the
> > front flowerbeds. Particularly the dwarf crepe myrtle by the front door,
> > you can get to the door again. ;-) She dug up some amaryllis bulbs that
> > had quit blooming and potted them for trading stock.
> >
> > It's back to work tomorrow and Thursday so I'm off to bed.
> >
> > George

Send it on down here, we're used to getting much more rain than we currently
get. I love a good thunderstorm.