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George Shirley (
Fri, 16 Apr 1999 07:35:58 -0500

Allen and Judy Merten wrote:

> Hi Mary-Anne,
>     Last week in Central Texas the high temps. were in the high 80's. Yesterday
> the high was only 70. Today with the 40+ mph wind and the temp only 65, I wore a
> long sleeve denim shirt while working in the garden. Tonight the low is predicted
> to be 44.
>     I think someone up north left the door open! {;-)

We've had the identical weather here in SW Louisiana. I'm sitting here in the office
wearing sweat pants and shoes, an unusual development for me as my usual "at home"
wear at this time of year is shorts, T-shirt, and bare feet.

>     We enjoyed fresh broccoli from the garden twice last week and took my Mom and
> Dad some. Fresh green onions for just about every meal, including in my scrambled
> eggs.
>     We have 2 Big Bertha bell peppers ready to pick and one jalapeno ready. Many
> of the 104 tomato plants are now setting fruit. Lots of blooms on the 34 pepper
> plants, can't wait! Dill is looking good this year. Last year was a flop. The
> 1015's and Flat Red's are bulbing. Got to side dress with fertilizer tomorrow.
> All six varieties of beans that were planted in March are growing well. Can't
> wait for fresh green beans and new potatos.
>     Monday, Dad gave me some family heirloom crowder peas to plant. His
> grandfather and great uncle developed this variety from seeds they kept
> replanting for years. His first cousin was the only one in the family that had
> kept planting them. A couple of years ago he gave them to Dad. Slim said he was
> to old to garden anymore, so it was up to Dad to keep them going. Dad gave them
> to me for the same reason. The family calls them "Red Rippers". I have no clue
> what they look like. I planted some of the seeds Tuesday. I'll let you all know
> how they turn out.

If you get a goodly crop you might want to contact Seed Savers or one of the other
heirloom veggie groups and see about sharing them out. We lost the heirloom crowders
that my family had grown for over 100 years when Dad died. When mom cleaned out the
freezer she tossed two 1-lb cans of dried seeds he had stashed. They even had a note
taped to them that I was to get them. Wish I had them now.

>     I found out that the Yellow Eyed Beans are considered a heirloom bean. So
> with the Red Rippers, I have an heirloom pea, too.

Probably well-adapted for your part of Texas too.

>     We got another 45 hundredths of an inch of rain. It is just a little less
> than what is required, but no sign of moisture stress because of moderate
> temperatures.

No rain lately and none in sight, the soaker hoses are going as I write this.

>     Dad also gave me some cucumber seeds that make a very small cucumber for
> pickling. I have looked in several seed catalogs to match the description he gave
> me. "Vert de Massy" is a French pickling cucumber that matches the description
> the best. The cucumbers are about 4 inches long at maturity. Any one have any
> experience with them?
>     Happy Gardening,
>     Allen
>     Bastrop Co.
>     SE Central Tx.

George, shivering in SW Louisiana