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Dear Marie:
                I sent the names of chilean endemic plants with their
cientific names, if I send you the common names as: Flor de la viuda, Arbol
del diablo, Siete colores, etc. I am shure you won´t understand even the
language in which they are written, this is for people who are interested,
can go to specialized books and see each characteristic. This is the way you
work when you have seeds from other places than from where you are located.
Ignacio garcía
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><< My seed list:
> Acacia caven     Cassia coquimbensis
> Aextoxicon punctatum   Lobelia tupa
> Araucaria araucana    Puya chilensis
> Austrocedrus chilensis   Acacia cyanophylla
> Beilschmeidia miersii   Cupressus macrocarpa
> Caesalpina spinosa    Eucalyptus globulus
> Cordia decandra    Gleditsia triacanthos
> Embothrium coccineum   Jacaranda mimosaefolia
> Eucryphia cordifolia    Lupinus arboreus
> Geoffreaea decorticans   Parkinsonia aculeata
> Gevuina avellana    Phoenix canariensis
> Gomortega keule    Pinus radiata
> Jubaea chilensis     Quercus suber
> Lapageria rosea    Ricinus comunis
> Laurelia sempervirens   Robinia pseudoacacia
> Lomatia dentata    Taxodium distichum
> Lomatia hirsuta     Tilia cordata
> Maytenus boaria
> Nothofagus alpina   Other seeds available by request, I
>   dombeyi   will  add bulb  and other shrub >>
>I don't mean to be sarcastice or anything...but I have NO earthy idea what
>these seeds are that you are offering.
>Do they have a common name?
>Best regards,