[gardeners] Rhododendron wont bloom...

Cheryl Van De Grift Edson (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 16 Apr 1999 14:37:25 PDT

Hi you all,

This is Cheryl Van De Grift in Boise, Idaho (Hi Margaret).  I have 
been a lurker for a while now.  Now I need you.  We moved into an old 
house on a large shady lot last Spring.  There is a Rhododendron on 
the west side of the house and it didn't bloom last year, and doesn't 
look like it will this year.  Maybe it's just slow, but is there 
anything I can do to encourage it to bloom and grow?  Most of the 
shade in our yard is from old pine trees, so the soil is acidic, which 
the Rhododendron should love, right?  It's in the shelter of the house 
so it doesn't get a lot of wind or TOO cold.

I appreciate your advice!  Thanks,

Cheryl in Boise, ID

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