Re: [gardeners] Spanish fir

penny x stamm (
Fri, 16 Apr 1999 17:59:17 -0400

David, I've downloaded your picture of the newly planted abies, 
and it comes thru clear as a bell. The tree is reminiscent of my
passionate favorite, abies koreana nana, which I lost in the
Winter from Hell, a few years ago. At that time, our entire 
neighborhood was covered with a sheet of ice, and 2/3rds of
my little tree stood above the frozen sheet. When spring came, 
suddenly zillions of pine cones appeared on the tree, in nature's
effort to continue the species, and once the pine cones fell
to the ground in pieces, the tree sat there and died.  

Enjoy your tree, but keep in mind every fall that it might need
either burlap, or some other kind of protection. 

Penny, NY zone 6 

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