Re: [gardeners] Cold

Jane Burdekin (
Sun, 18 Apr 1999 08:02:58 -0600

It's warming up now, altho I think our indoor outdoor thermometer when
haywire.  It said it was 62  outside and 100 inside this morning.  I'll
have to take a look at that one, but that wasn't the one I was reading the
15F on.  Its supposed to be 70 today, crazy Colorado weather, and yesterday
I got a little sunburned at the baseball game.  That is so easy to do in
our altitude.   Guess I will uncover the peony and see how it looks today. 


> Jane, we were 33* last night which is outragous for us -- a good 
> look and listen to the weather station today made me feel better
> about it, for most of the nation is feeling the cold. Luckily our
> rain wasn't snow..!
> All I could think of was poor George down there in the deep south,
> having to wear long pants and shoes..... geez, we had on our
> mackinaws...! 
> Penny, NY
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