[gardeners] Cold

Jane Burdekin (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 17 Apr 1999 08:12:26 -0600

Why do we need it to be so cold?  It was 15 F degrees this morning and I
have flowers blooming, or not any more.  The lilac had set buds and the
leaves feel like they are freeze dried.  I haven't peeked under the garden
cart to see if the hyacinths are still in good shape or not, I guess I will
do that tomorrow, its supposed to get to 70F.  I think my peppers inside
got some of the vibes of what is going on outside because I have one
Vietnamese pepper with an open flower and one with a bud and they barely
have leaves.  What craziness, I guess I will be happy if I have a garden at
all this year.  I was at Target and mentioned that their perennials outside
were freezing to death and the clerk said they forgot to cover them and
would be throwing them out.  I guess I will be checking there dumpster to
see if there is anything salvagable.  I hope everyone else is not having
this freezing business going on.

(off to her first Rockie game of the season I'm glad we sit in the sun)