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Allen and Judy Merten (
Mon, 19 Apr 1999 01:30:11 -0500

Hi C.L.,
    You have it right about the watering and planting. Fill the hole the
first time with water so that the roots will have a nice moist area to
grow in. Fill hole with dirt/peat mix, place the plant in the mix and fill
with mix almost back to ground level. Now soak the area around the plant
untill the water is standing once again and let it gradually seep away.
You do this to make sure that the dirt/mix melts and fills in any air
pockets that may be in there. Many times you will see bubbles as air is
replaced by soil and water. I use this method if I am transplanting
anything, from trees to vegetables. Usually don't lose anything to
transplant shock.
    Maybe your temps are still a little cool for good grass seed
germination. I really can't help about the lime. I don't use it. My soil
is acidic and suits me fine.
    Bastrop Co.,
    SE Central Tx.

c.l. avery wrote:

> Dear Allen,
>   Thanks for your suggestion and help.  Now, let's see if I understand
> it correctly:  dig hole, fill empty hole with water and let it seep
> in, then fill it with dry peat/soil and the plant, and water again.
> Is that right?  I'm very new to fact, these are my
> first attempts.  So, I have to be very basic about my directions.
> Thanks alot for your reply.
>   My grass seed trial is a bust....  I want a small oval of grass out
> in the backyard, and spread seed 3 and a half weeks ago.  Today I
> raked up the light covering of hay -- and practically no germination.
>  Maybe just l0%.  Sigh.  I do have alot of violets blooming back there
> and I just read in a gardening book that that indicates the soil is
> too acidic for grass.  Can I spread lime now or is it too late for any
> hope this year?
>   I'm awaiting the arrival of my big project plants:  blueberry
> bushes, rosa rugosas, blackberries, and raspberries bushes.  Hope they
> come this week -- the weather forecast is just perfect for hard labor
> outdoors:  cloudy and cool, in the low 60's.
>   clavery111
>   zone 7b
>   Bethesda, MD
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