Re: [gardeners] Blackberry vines (
Mon, 19 Apr 1999 20:26:00 -0400

At 06:30 PM 19-04-99 EDT, you wrote:
>Well, Harry...I just may have to start now to finish painting them 
>individually by the end of the next decade!  LOL
>I have to admit...I pick some of those blackberries during their fruit 
>bearing days, but they are just awful to fight all of the time. The more I 
>dig them, cut them and cuss them, the healthier they seem to grow!
>Hubby has resorted to plowing them up and has made a little headway. 

Every bit of cut root left in the ground will produce a new plant.  That's
why he feels he hasn't made any headway -- just wait till next year!
Pulling them up is the only way and even that takes 2-3 years before they
*all* are gone, unless you wish to use the Round-up method.  

>pest we'd like to get rid of are the Beavers that are taking down all of the 
>trees around our farm pond...any suggestions?

Not one, just much sympathy.  We've been very dry here and lots of critters
are making their way into our yard.  I finally drowned/flooded out the
batch of groundhogs under the porch...for the moment.  I guess that
wouldn't work with beavers.
What part of Oklahoma are you in?

>Vicki Day-Cook