Re: [gardeners]bees (
Wed, 21 Apr 1999 09:32:16 EDT

Linda thanks for the bee information. I don't have a spare refrigerator to 
put the bees in. Didn't even realize you had to do that. Will have to look it 
up in my little hand book. Did you mail-order your bee house or get it 
BTW was thinking about you being allergic to the formaldehyde and wondered if 
a product we use to use at work might help you. It's called Pro Shield and 
comes in a big tube. You get it from a uniform shop that specializes in 
nursing uniforms. It's supposed to protect ones hands from constant washing 
so once you apply this product a barrier is formed and the water doesn't dry 
your hands out. Not sure if this would help in your case but just popped into 
my mind and thought I would pass along

Kris P
Z 5  IL