[gardeners] Re:Blackberry vines

bsk (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 21 Apr 1999 09:56:59 -0500

 Yes I know they are out there, but I have 5 pit kids and usually have at least 2
-3 with me in the fields when I go picking.  It doesn't guarantee I won't get bit
but all I have to say is LOOK or RABBIT and point to the bushes and they are
rooting around looking for things so much the snakes would be a fool to stick
      With this much land we also have areas that are prone to erosion or just
not good for growing much. These areas we let the plums, blackberries and
persimmons grow at will. It holds the land, gives us food and encourages

PieOhNear@aol.com wrote:

> As you know copperheads & diamond back rattlers love to call those
> blackberry & plum thickets "home sweet home." So that's one liability issue
> right there.
> Vicki Day-Cook
> Oklahoma