Re: [gardeners] Re:Native fruit and nuts

Allen and Judy Merten (
Wed, 21 Apr 1999 13:37:10 -0500

Hi Vicki,
    I'm searching ditches and old farmsteads for native nut and fruit trees. I
get all excited when I find Hickory or native Pecans on our place too. I am
getting rid of a jillion native grape vines 'cause they are all males. I'm going
to replace them with female vines as soon as possible. Native grapes vines are
male 9 out of 10 vines. My Dad has some Possum Persimmon trees spotted for me to
transplant come winter.
    I'm hoping to end up with native pecans, hickory, grapes, plums, dewberries,
etc. The most colorful birds seem to be the fruit eating ones.
    Bastrop Co.
    SE Central Tx. wrote:

> Allen,
> Yes, part of the blackberry & plum thicket removal will be for pasture. Right
> now, however, we're trying to get a yard half-way established around the
> house. I've been trimming up some of the trees and they're beginning to look
> good. Yesterday I found a volunteer native pecan tree and a volunteer pear
> tree. I felt like I'd struck gold!!
> We plowed & tilled up garden space (pulling out all of the underground roots)
> and I planted four rows of condtender beans, two rows of purple onions, three
> rows of Kennebec potatoes, three kinds of squash, two kinds of cucumbers and
> a row of French breakfast radishes. I have asparagus crowns waiting to go
> into the ground.
> There are many birds on the property and we enjoy them immensely...guess
> those blackberries and plum thickets are not a total loss!
> Thanks,
> Vicki
> OK