Re: [gardeners] Re:Native fruit and nuts (
Wed, 21 Apr 1999 16:23:53 EDT


Here in Creek Co. there are far more oak trees (*Blackjacks* the local 
residents call them) but just west of here,  in Payne Co. where we are 
building, there are more Elm trees. The soil is different and the climate is 
somewhat different (more wind in Payne Co.). 

In Creek Co. we have sandy soil...and the grapevines are growing rampant in 
the woods behind our house. However, in Payne Co. where the soil is darker 
and heavier, there's not a grapevine to be seen. Although I have planted 
gardens for 22 years here, I'm learning that gardening in Payne Co. will be 
altogether different!

We're having a beautiful, very windy day here and we're expecting rain this 
evening which is supposed to last through Sat. That should help the newly 
planted gardens in this area.

Good luck on your search for those exciting trees,