Re: [gardeners] Re:Native fruit and nuts (
Thu, 22 Apr 1999 19:40:00 EDT


I know that, in time, I will find just "the right spot" to garden on our 
Oklahoma prairie...just as you have. I'm simply getting impatient to get down 
to business with the gardening part of living there. 

We had some severe weather in the N. W. portions of Oklahoma last night and 
in the N. E. portions this afternoon. About 1 a.m. we had small hail, hard 
rain, lightening, and wind gusts up to and exceeding 65 mph. No damage in our 
area of N. E. OK.  With the onslaught of rain our weeds look healthy and 
refreshed -- I hope our garden in Payne Co. looks healthy as well!  ;)

The wild honeysuckle has become a ground cover for our woods and it's getting 
to burst into bloom...we have some wild asparagus emerging. I had a small 
bowl of asparagus soup for dinner.  (Hubby hates asparagus!)

Well, this is all for now from this part of Oklahoma. I always enjoy reading 
everyone's posts. I'm learning a great deal from all of you -- thanks for