Re: [gardeners] Re:Native fruit and nuts

Jane Burdekin (
Thu, 22 Apr 1999 19:19:58 -0600

We are having the strangest weather too.  Snow (sorry about the 4 letter
word) It snowed last night, and this morning, now it is raining on top of
the snow, with a winter storm warning for tonight.  Maybe we will have 3'
and have a snow day off work and school.  It will be the first one in
years.  Colorado never closes school for snow at least it hasn't happened
in the last 4-5 years.  This has been one heck of a week here, we might as
well have one more thing.  

zone 5 Colorado 

> Allen,
> I know that, in time, I will find just "the right spot" to garden on our 
> Oklahoma prairie...just as you have. I'm simply getting impatient to get
> to business with the gardening part of living there. 
> We had some severe weather in the N. W. portions of Oklahoma last night
> in the N. E. portions this afternoon. About 1 a.m. we had small hail,
> rain, lightening, and wind gusts up to and exceeding 65 mph. No damage in
> area of N. E. OK.  With the onslaught of rain our weeds look healthy and 
> refreshed -- I hope our garden in Payne Co. looks healthy as well!  ;)
> The wild honeysuckle has become a ground cover for our woods and it's
> to burst into bloom...we have some wild asparagus emerging. I had a small

> bowl of asparagus soup for dinner.  (Hubby hates asparagus!)
> Well, this is all for now from this part of Oklahoma. I always enjoy
> everyone's posts. I'm learning a great deal from all of you -- thanks for

> sharing.
> Vicki