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<< Allen
    Bastrop Co.
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    Do you really want some vines?

No Allen was just kidding but I did want to give you a suggestion on what to 
do with them. There is a little herb farm not to far from my house and the 
owner gives workshops on making things. I signed up for the grapevine wreath 
making class. She had us trek out to the north forty and we cut our own 
branches down and then the really hard part started with the braiding and 
constructing the wreath. A lot of work but I was happy with my end result. 
So do you burn your vines? We are able to burn where I live and I have so 
many darn leaves that I have to. I'm bad and don't really compost but even 
with the amount of leaves I have I could never have enough space to compost 
them all.

Kris P

Z 5  IL