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Fri, 23 Apr 1999 07:18:20 EDT

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<<  I love gardening in my sandy loam soil. Yesterday I hand dug some new
potatos and I mean with my hand.

I hate you Allen!! I want some of the soil. I envy that good soil of yours. 
Wish I could drive down and still some.<grin> Already tired of trying to dig 
in my clay compacted soil. I have not been gardening for all that long and 
did not realize that when i made my perennial flower borders that was the 
time to amend my soil. So you live and learn. I think that you are primarly a 
veggie guy, right? I grow just a few, am not a big veggie person like you and 
George are but my husband is so I'm trying some radishes and carrots in a 
container and the radishes look great. I know how much easier could I get 
than that. I also bought some bush cukes to try in a container but not sure 
when to start outside. It's to early yet in Z 5 i'm sure of that. Also am 
going to try yellow squash. Maybe won't put that in a container. 2 questions 
then, What do you think about trying the squash in a container? Itried mini 
pumpkinks last year and I have a chain linked fence and it was my goal to 
have to pumpkins train up it. Well it worked and it didn't. The only pumpkin 
had grew in the fencing. Didn't catch it when it was small enough to do 
something about so it grew around the chain link and I couldn't get that 
puppy out of ther for anything. I was really disappointed. Okay next question 
can I have the cukes and squash growing by each other or do they need to be 

Kris P

Z 5  IL