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Sun, 25 Apr 1999 13:52:28 EDT

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<<     Did you know that your Yarrow is supposed to heighten the taste of
neighboring plants and for significantly increasing the essential oil 
of aromatic herbs? It is also supposed to attract a wide variety of beneficial
insects including hover flies and ladybugs.

My yarrow is a thug! I tell ya I wouldn't bother removing it but it took over 
my wildflower bed that I really loved. My neighbor saw me digging yesterday 
and said he had never seen so much yarrow in his life. Plus it didn't really 
bloom that much for me. There were quite a few plants last year and just a 
few blooms for a lot of plants. I'm scared to see what would happen if I 
didn't dig it up. I'm learning the same thing with my lime mint. Plan to dig 
the whole thing up and and plant the main part in a pot and sink. It's the 
third year for the mint and buy next year it would be like the yarrow

Kris P
z 5  IL