Re: [gardeners] Monday in the garden

Penny Nielsen (
Mon, 26 Apr 1999 14:17:28 -0300

Geez George, hard to believe you'll be eating raspberries and blueberries already and we just got our cold weather seed in the ground last week.

BTW George, $25. a sq. ft. for corian sounds good.  Its $70. up here and not sure that includes installation.  Add another 15 percent taxes on top of that and that's why we're going with formica.

Not sure if its true, but have read that its hard to keep the grout clean on a ceramic countertop.

Miz Anne sure is lucky to have a DH who not only is a great gardener, but a housekeeper too.

Penny in Halifax, N.S.

>>> George Shirley <> 04/26/99 11:50AM >>>
Went out this morning and harvested a mess of cherry tomatoes, radishes,
chard, and lettuce for a big salad. Got green beans ready to pick and I
need to stake my tomatoes. Things are growing well but would do better
if we got some measurable rainfall. The raspberries are approaching the
time for them to ripen as are the blueberries so I've really been
watering them. This is the time they need the most water. The fig tree
is covered with little figs so it's getting a lot of water too.

Some of the herbs need cutting and dehydrating but I'm going to wait
another week as I'm busy doing house work right now. Got the washing
going, running the dishwasher, and am about ready to mop the kitchen,
utility room, hall, and both bathrooms.

Went to a home builders show here locally on Saturday. Guy there builds
granite kitchen counter tops and I fell in love with them. Only bad
thing is they cost $45 a square foot installed! Corian is next best and
it's only $25 a square foot. Guess we'll end up with formica again
although I am considering laying a ceramic tile top, that's something I
can do and it isn't that expensive, about $3.00 a square foot for the
materials. This coming weekend I hope to lay the new tile floor in the
master bath, caught the vinyl tile on sale at Home Depot and they had a
color Miz Anne liked. For additional garden content, Miz Anne is
painting ceramic tiles with pictures of herbs for a lady in a nearby
town. The lady intends to use them as the border on the kitchen
countertop splash guard. They look really good so we may do ours in
something similar.