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They sell their meat both as a gourmet product through specialist butchers
in about five city locations.  They also sell it for pet food when they need
to be a big cull.  It is definitely a niche product though.  Even here in
Australia not everyone is enthusiastic about trying it - until they do of
course.  I imagine that "barrier" could be even more so overseas.  Another
by-line they have is to sell emu pies.  They are sold through another
family's farm but I was under the impression they were going to try gourmet
outlets as well.

Public perception is the biggest killer as I already mentioned.


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	Hi Rae,
	    Has your family found a market for the Emu meat? With only 8
left I'm not
	looking for a market of course, just curious.  Emu ranching in Texas
appears to
	have died hard.
	    They seem to be an ideal bird for the small homesteader.
	Bastrop Co.
	SE Central Tx.

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