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We did a slaughter a few weeks ago - I was a plucker.  I was amazed at the
way the feathers just ripped out - kinda like velcro.  They kept all the fat
for use in cosmetics and the like.  The feathers are sold to a woman who
collects/sells feathers of all sorts - mainly for the fashion industry
(feather trims and for fancy hats).

All in all there wasn't much left after we had got all the bits away.  This
lot was only for pet meat but normally the hides would have been kept for
making into leather.

Very useful creatures!


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	    We hang them from a tree limb much as you would a deer, skin it,
remove the
	legs and thighs, save the heart and liver and finish processing it
inside. The meat
	is red, lean, tender and delicious. There is practically no meat on
the breast or
	ribs of the Emus. The neck can be harvested also. We use this meat
as stew or chili
	    It is a chore butchering the carcas of a 125 lb. bird. It is not
as difficult
	as a yearling beef, which weighs way more.
	    Bastrop Co.
	    SE Central Tx

	bsk wrote:

	> Just keep them away from the cows!
	> I tried to get my hubby to let us eat the 3 we had to shoot that
wandered on to
	> us but he said the were too Da** Ugly to eat! Must be a nightmare
to prepare as
	> large as they are. I have to wrestle with a Turkey Bird!
	> bsk
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	> Murray, Raelene (K. Wilkie, MP) wrote:
	> > Another emu fan - shucks, kinda glad I am not alone.  My family
has an emu
	> > farm (about 1800 birds at the moment).  And emu steaks are just
my favorite
	> > meat.  Mind you emu hamburger and emu sausages aren't bad
	> >
	> > Rae