[gardeners] Re:Emus and poppies

Murray, Raelene (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Thu, 29 Apr 1999 11:58:29 +1000

It is beautiful and soft and the skinmarks and almost delicate in
appearance.  I am not sure what else to compare it to )being that I am not a
leather expert by any means).


PS:  To add a garden link to prevent upsetting people, I have had difficulty
in raising poppies - I keep the soil damp, I plant them at the right time, I
buy quality seeds and for the last three years barely one has come up let
alone survived.  The neighbors do fine and I can grow most anything else, I
just get stuck with these.  *Very* frustrating.  Does anyone have any ideas

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	I agree with you Rae. If your going to kill the animal you may as
well use 
	the hide too. I have never seen emu leather before.

	Kris P