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"Murray, Raelene (K. Wilkie, MP)" wrote:

> It is beautiful and soft and the skinmarks and almost delicate in
> appearance.  I am not sure what else to compare it to )being that I am not a
> leather expert by any means).
> Rae
> PS:  To add a garden link to prevent upsetting people, I have had difficulty
> in raising poppies - I keep the soil damp, I plant them at the right time, I
> buy quality seeds and for the last three years barely one has come up let
> alone survived.  The neighbors do fine and I can grow most anything else, I
> just get stuck with these.  *Very* frustrating.  Does anyone have any ideas
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>         I agree with you Rae. If your going to kill the animal you may as
> well use
>         the hide too. I have never seen emu leather before.
>         Kris P

We planted Shirley poppies about 3 years ago and have let them reseed since.
They come up in January here and are down blooming by early May, the heat gets
them pretty quick. We have the double and singal petal types in many colors.