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Fri, 30 Apr 1999 06:20:57 -0400

Hi y'all,

I know I haven't posted much lately, but life is sort of out of control here
now, but late at night, or early in the morning, I like to sit down for a
quiet minutes and read some from the lists.
Actually, I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the posts on the emus and
else y'all have talked about.  I've learned a lot from them and now have an
interest in trying emu meat.   :-)
You always have such interesting posts Allen.  Keep it up.

Our beloved list owner has given us his opinion folks.  :-)
Love ya George!  :-)

And hi John.  As always, it's a pleasure to see you too.  :-)
You do add such interesting ideas to ponder.  LOL

Bambi----who has no kangaroo coat
Coastal Carolina

>No, as a matter of fact I haven't noticed that the garden posts have come
to an
>end. My computer is still receiving them.
>    We are raising nearly all the food that we eat, vegetables as well as
>The posts were certainly not intended to offend anyone. My apologies to you
>any other person that was offended. You do realize that what ever we eat
has to
>be killed whether it is eggplant or Emus?
>    I realized just now that Warbler is a vegetarian with strongly held
>that I have encountered on a couple of other lists.
>    Again, no offense was intended. All the things that we eat were at one
>living. I do not see the difference from George ripping infant green beans
>the grasp of their mother and then boiling them alive, or killing any other
>living food source.
>    Allen
>    Bastrop Co.
>    SE Central Tx.
>Warbler wrote:
>> And I would appreciate if the EMU killing thread comes to a quick end ...
>> lets get back to the GARDENERS list.  Haven't you noticed that the garden
>> posts suddenly come to an end the minute Off Topic meat/killing posts
>> Thanks.
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>> Wearing the body parts of tother is definitely a hotly contested subject
>> whenever it is raised.  I don't mind with the emu leather because they
>> bred for the purpose (as well as the meat and oil etc). Admittedly we
>> just throw them away but lets face it, it you are going to kill and
>> for the meat, you have to take the skin off at some point! I do have a
>> problem with wild animals being killed for pelts.
>> Rae
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>> << All in all there wasn't much left after we had got all the bits
>> away.  This
>> lot was only for pet meat but normally the hides would have been
>> kept for
>> making into leather.
>> >>
>> We have a man here in central IL. That owned an upscale retail fur
>> store. He
>> retired from that and is now raising emus for their hides to tan and
>> make
>> into fashions. Not sure what he does with the meat. Just read the
>> one article
>> in my local paper about him and have not seen anything else. My
>> husband was
>> glad he closed his shop because he is not a fan of people wearing
>> cute cuddly
>> little animals on their bodies.
>> Not necessarily my opinion but I think everyone is entitled to their
>> say.
>> Kris P
>> z 5  IL