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I just prefer a gardens list to be about gardens.


So what kind of gardening things do you want to talk about? This is what I 
intend to do in my garden after reading e-mails, pull up mint! I have lemon 
balm which is very well behaved and then I have lime mint that is going on 
it's third year and has decided to take over my flower patch. My garden club 
is having their plant sale Saturday and a lot of the mint will be sold there. 
I have learned my lesson and will sink the mint I am keeping inta a pot and 
bury. Wish I had done this in the first place. There is over 600 kinds of 
mints. So I need to get busy and start collecting. A local nursery is having 
an herbfest tomorrow and on my wish list is corsican mint or as I like to 
refer to it minature mint. I collect miatures in my home so anything that has 
minature in the tite I think i need for my garden. Sometime I would like to 
take a class on trough gardening. I missed the boat on it in the past because 
I didn't think i had a place for it. Now I see how neat they are and would 
love to have one. One can always kind room in the garden.<grin>

Kris P
Z 5  IL where it's a beautiful day