Re: [gardeners] Re: Troubleshooting the water timer

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Sat, 08 May 1999 11:54:23 -0500 wrote:

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> > Jeepers, George -- we have 60 lbs PSI
> 60PSI is actually not very high. Its the low end of average. Its a good idea
> to buy a pressure reducer meant for regular drip . If its only one hose you
> may want to go down to a 20-30 psi. And you can always not turn the facet up
> all the way. Here in CA I have to deal with PSIs as high as that
> is a pain in the butt.
> Taree

150 psig is what most refineries have for fire water pressure. I'm surprised you
don't blow a water line out of the ground when you snap shut a valve at that
pressure. I've never encountered city water pressure higher than 50 psig here in
Louisiana or in Texas. Many only run 30 to 40 psig, ours here in LA is a
consistent 50 psig. We seldom run a faucet more than half open unless we have a
long run of hose out.