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Sat, 8 May 1999 14:46:17 EDT

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> 150 psig is what most refineries have for fire water pressure. I'm 
> you
>  don't blow a water line out of the ground when you snap shut a valve at 
>  pressure. I've never encountered city water pressure higher than 50 psig 
> here in
>  Louisiana or in Texas. Many only run 30 to 40 psig, ours here in LA is a
>  consistent 50 psig. We seldom run a faucet more than half open unless we 
> have a
>  long run of hose out.
>  George

WOW Well mostly it is 50-80 here in Berkeley and around. But we have hills so 
pumping stations are required. If you live near one your PSI is very high. I 
put pressure reducers on lots of clients homes for that reason. The only 
reason it would be low here is if the water source is going through the house 
and the valves are out back. Galvanized pipes are reduced by rust so the PSI 
can drop. If its bad, I put a new copper line in the house first. I assume 
there are some communities that have lower pressure where I live, but I have 
seldom run into them  .

Taree (Landscape Contractor)