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Sat, 8 May 1999 14:52:42 EDT

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> How does one measure the psi, coming out of the outside faucet?  I have my
>  own well.  Just curious.

Its a $10 tool that has a gauge. You screw it on the hose bib. Since PSI can 
change between the front and back of the house ....its good to check it in 
both locations. 

Also you need to know more than Pressure for need to know 
flow. For that you just turn on the facet with a 5 gal bucket and see how 
many of them fill up in a set period of time and figure out how many gal per 
hour. You can have good pressure and lousy water flow. Both are important. It 
tells you how many lines and how many heads per line etc are possible.