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George Shirley (
Sun, 09 May 1999 16:58:19 -0500

Linda Baranowski-Smith wrote:

> >bsk wrote:
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> >> Ahh... George.. do you this k you and Miz Anne might could propagate some
> >> more of those daughters? That one is so nice and handy the world could do
> >> with a few more!
> >>
> >> bsk
> >> ----------------------------------
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> >> > <<Miz Anne and I felt right proud introducing ourselves as Ms Merrie's
> >> > parents and being congratulated on such a smart and attractive daughter.
> >> > >>
> >
> >Well, we would have to have divine help, both of us been spayed.
> >
> >George
> ROLF George!  Aren't the boys "neutered" or are you a phenomenon? <VBG>
> Just joking, and think you have every reason to be proud of your progeny!
> Enjoyed reading about Ms Merrie's proud folks being congratulated at the
> event!.
> Linda in NW Ohio near Toledo/Lake Erie, USDA Zone 5

We like to think we had a lot to do with her character development as she grew
up. She's quite the remarkable woman that daughter of ours. She completes her
masters work in July, five years and two months after her bachelors. She is the
single mother of three teenagers, teaches Pre-K in public school, and teaches
Early Childhood Development on weekends at the local community college. Paid her
way through her bachelors and her masters with grants and student loans and paid
her student loans off in five years. Actually the feds forgave her student loans
after she taught five years in a very poor school district in Texas. She could
honestly go on to a higher paying district now but feels so much at home where
she is and so needed that she doesn't intend to leave. Her exact words to us
were, "I don't teach for the money." Truly, I don't think any public school
teacher teaches for the money but I understood what she meant. Anyway we are very
proud of her and always have been.