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Sat, 15 May 1999 06:41:50 -0400

Hi Bambi,

Sorry it took me so long to reply it has been a busy week.

We went to Plant Delights on Saturday.  It is an annual trip for me at this
time of year; a combination mother's day and birthday present to myself.  I
love walking in the test garden and then shopping.  My husband has started
accompanying me on this jaunt.  The next time you are going, we should plan
to try to meet there. Now that Heather has decided on ECU, I'll have more
reasons to go to Niche Gardens and Plant Delights, after all, they are kind
of on the way to Greenville.

I went over to get a certain hosta, but they were sold out!  Instead I got
hosta 'Night Before Christmas' which I wanted last season.  I am glad I
waited, the hosta has come down in price since last year (was $50.00, I
paid $20.00).  I also bought salvia Koyamae, a yellow "woodland" salvia,
Euphorbia dulcis 'Chamleon', Sisyrinehuim 'Quaint and Queer' (brown-eyed
grass), Pulmonaria 'Majeste', Tricyrtis lasiocarpa, Juncus inflexus (Afro)
a curly rush that I put in the birdbath in my pond, Lysimachia japonica
'minutissima' a little dwarf meadow rue, Tradescantia 'Double Trouble',
Athyrium filix fernium "Frizelliae a very delicate frilly lady fern,
Osmunda cinnamonea and Dryopteris cycadina.  It is way to easy to spend
money over there.

While we were driving to Raleigh, we pulled off the road around Chapel Hill
to find a restroom. Lo and behold, there was a sign for Witherspoon Rose
Culture!  I had no idea it was in Chapel Hill.  My husbad started laughing
and said that nurseries tended to find me.  We stopped by and I ended up
buying two roses; Betty Boop and George Burns.  All in all it was a very
good day for my gardening addiction.  

At 08:51 PM 5/9/99 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi Myra!  When were you there???  Mom and I went on Friday!  So close!

Myra Amler
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