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> <<before. About the time that was ready I put in 1/4 cup of nastursium
> vinegar from last year and a dash of white pepper. As another side dish
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> Hey George give us the recipe for that nastursium vinegar. Sounds pretty
> yummy.
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Pretty simple - take about a quart of white pickling vinegar (Heinz or store
brand 5% acidity vinegar), take several nastursium blossoms (the red gives a
real good color but the yellow and orange give a delicate yellow-orange
color) and wash and dry the blossoms. Put the blossoms in a quart jar, cover
with the vinegar. Put an air-tight lid on and store in a dark place for at
least a month. For additional flavor add about a two inch long piece of
orange or lemon peel that is 1/4 to 1/2 inch wide. The nastursium blossoms
give the vinegar a peppery flavor and the citrus peel enhances it. I decant
into pint or quart decorative bottles, add a fresh nastursium blossom, cork
and then coat the top with colored parrafin. With a nice label the bottle of
flavored vinegar makes a nice gift.

I like the nastursium leaves, which have a peppery taste, on sandwiches and
in salads and the blossoms are also good in salads. Miz Anne and I often
have salads with pansy, nastursium, squash, and bean blossoms in them.