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George Shirley (
Mon, 24 May 1999 07:52:06 -0500 wrote:

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> <<That's weird, I just chunk them in the soil and our natural high humidity
> plus a
> little watering on dry days makes them germinate at 100%. I didn't even know
> you
> could buy nastursium plants.>>
> I just read that nastursium seeds need light to germinate. Might try a few in
> a pot and see what happens. Yeah you can buy the plants but I have only seen
> them at 2 places locally where I live. Now if I could get someone to grow
> 4:00 oclocks, sweet pea and morning glories I will be set. As you can see
> George I need a lot of help.LOL
> Kris P
> z 5  IL

Four o'clocks and morning glories actually grow wild around here. The next door
neighbor was grumbling about four o'clocks yesterday, she was out pulling
seedlings again. We have bindweed and other varieties of wild morning glories
plus the decorative kind that have gone crazy. They're all pests around here,
almost as bad as the wild strawberries only easier to get rid of. You're welcome
to all you can pull and haul off. <VBG>