[gardeners] Wednesday in the garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 26 May 1999 18:10:30 -0500

Miz Anne got the front and back yards mowed today and the clippings are
in the garden on top of a new layer of newspaper. All I did was go out
and work for several hours and then came home to pick blueberries,
boysenberries, paprika and pimiento peppers, and one Ichiban eggplant.
Miz Anne picked about half a dozen cucumbers and another mess of green

Yesterday we took some gifts to friends of ours, all living, growing
plants. They got oregano, winter savory, English thyme, rosemary, a
Ponderosa lemon baby, and a very large amaryllis from those Miz Anne dug
this spring and potted. Our friends just recently built a water feature
and a small square foot garden area and we're helping them fill it in.
They, like Miz Anne and I, are self-employed and work at home. Today we
went over to their place for a mess of sausage, red beans, and rice for
lunch. (Burrrp) Right tasty stuff but should be since she was born a
"Layjay" (Leger) and he is an "ABear" (Hebert). Genuwine, 24 carat
Cajuns the two of them and nicer folk you never met.

We're running the soaker hoses now despite a short rain this morning,
just not enough rain. Tomorrow we take off for the daughters to see our
eldest grandchild graduate from high school. This kid flunked two years
because he didn't want to do the work and is still graduating at 18. He
will be 19 in August and has settled into a mature young man who works
hard and helps his Mom. There may be help for his 16 year old brother
yet. The brother comes home with us to stay the month of June so his Mom
doesn't have to worry about him as she finishes her clinical work for
her Masters in Early Childhood Development. She's interning with a
branch of Texas Child Protective Services and I wouldn't want to even
spend a month with those folks, they see some sad stuff on an every day

Anyhow, stuff is getting ripe, the gardens look good, and we're
reasonably healthy and happy. Life is good.