Re: [gardeners] Raised beds

George Shirley (
Wed, 02 Jun 1999 10:44:18 -0500

Allen Breland wrote:

> My name is Allen and I live in SW Louisiana. This is my second year of
> growing vegies. I just recently made several raised beds using landscape
> timbers. I find they are inexpensive @ approx. $2.00/8ft length. However
> cutting them to fit your space can be a bit difficult unless you have a
> 4" or larger power saw blade ( I used a 12" miter saw which worked
> well). The timbers here are pressure treated so they last several years.

Be sure and cut the timbers where you can safely sweep up the sawdust and
chippings. There is a school of thought that they may release the treating
agent when powdered. I do this just to be on the safe side.

> I also would like some information about planting and growing fall
> potates for this region (zone 9) in raised beds. I have a rather small
> yard and must utilize every inch of space.
> Thanks,
> Allen

I've lived in either Orange County, TX or Calcasieu Parish, LA for years and
have never had much luck growing potatoes, fall or spring. You must really
raise them up pretty good to avoid rot with our rainfall. Some folks have
told me that they have raised them in wire cages well above ground but I
haven't tried it.

Did you try our new horticultural agent down at the county extension
service? He's pretty knowledgeable about gardening in this area. His name,
IIRC, is Bob Turley.

George Shirley