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Michael & Bambi Cantrell (
Mon, 7 Jun 1999 00:09:05 -0400

>> Hi Everyone.....Hi Bambi...Hi Matt..How are you....??  I have never
>> here...but..when I saw some familiar people...Bambi and Matt I thought I
>> comment...[:O)  I have used landscape timbers alot and I also have used
all the
>> afore mentioned saws...I have used landscape stacked two high to make my
>> hardy cactus beds(see my WWW page) I use what is called "Pole Barn" nails
>> stacking them...I drill a pilot hole first then hammer in with a
>> mallet/hammer...useing nails spaced a 6-12 inch intervals keep the
timbers from
>> warping when useing for raised beds....Thanks for listening..feel free to
>> me...visit my WWW pages(need updateing), sign my guest
>> book...{:O)                         Mike "Kahuna" Bernardoni

Hi Mike.  I never stacked the pressure treated 4x4's when making my beds,
and didn't think of them warping.  Has this been a problem?  My 4x4's are
laid on the ground with the edges butting together and aren't fastened
at all.  This makes it easier for the kids to turn them over when they're
for worms. :-)  I had thought about adding another 4x4 on top though and
fasten them at just the ends, but if warping is a problem I may have to
a bit.  Do all of your 4x4's butt up to each other or are the joints
so the ends of the top 4x4's and the ends of the bottom 4x4's are in
different places, rather than right over the joint above or below it?
It's good to see you here. :-)

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