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Mon, 7 Jun 1999 08:10:53 -0400

If you want, I could send you a fact sheet about Sunchokes which I send out
with requested tubers by SoD members.
Friends are the flowers in the Garden of LIfe
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Date: Sunday, June 06, 1999 9:59 PM
Subject: [gardeners] Jerusalem artichokes

>Today I was at Harry's, a farmers' market in Atlanta, and I saw some
>Jerusalem artichokes. I bought a couple for 19 cents. Can I just stick
>them in the ground as I bought them, do I need to let them sit in the
>light till they sprout, or are they not even plantable? I remember
>reading about these as a forgotten, easy, perennial crop, but I've never
>eaten them and have no idea what to do with them.
>Thanks in advance for any helpful advice.
>Rob Loach in Greenville SC
>Do some gardeners turn their lights on in the evening so they can watch
>their phlox by night?
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