[gardeners] Re:Wall paper and Houses

Penny Nielsen (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 7 Jun 1999 11:46:11 -0300

Hi Bonnie

DH just bought gyproc (wallboard) and various kinds of plywood on Saturday.  Price of both will go up today but gyproc had already gone up earlier cause of the tornados and upswing in the construction market.

I love the character of older homes, but they can sure be costly to renovate, even without finding lots of surprises.

Penny in Halifax, N.S. 5/6a 

>>> bsk <bsk@brightok.net> 06/06/99 10:59PM >>>
      A neighbor of mine I sell AVON to has been doing bits and pieces of remodeling
on her house as she can afford it. Her husband is a carpenter and helps build houses.
They took out a window, did everything needed until it was time to get sheet rock.
She called everywhere around the OKC area and can not find even 1 sheet of the stuff.
They said it's gone as soon as it comes in because of the OKC tornado building going
on. Her husband said they have houses they can't finish because of the suppy
     You really need to come over here to central Oklahoma and work on this old house
south of my reg. home. It was built in 1919 about. They covered up most of the 1 inch
slatted board stuff on the walls and ceilings with cheap paneling. Underneath it is
plastered on, tore up wallpaper you couldn't blow off with dynamite! I haven't been
brave enough to pull up the old stinky carpeting. They just have about 1 - 3 layers
in places. Under one spot I saw what looked like some of that old wool looking stuff
that was either carpet or the backing to carpet. I don't want to think about what
repairs may be needed there!
     Our builder called tonight and will be able to build the birdhouse in July if we
are lucky, August at the latest. It is all metal and some plywood so shouldn't be to
bad to find the stuff.

George Shirley wrote:

> Old houses are a lot of work but often provide more house for the money than a
> new one.
> George