Re: [gardeners] Re: Raised Beds....

Michael & Bambi Cantrell (
Tue, 8 Jun 1999 00:59:12 -0400

>> Is SW Louisiana as hot and humid as central Mississippi?  The air's so
>> and muggy here I've been cutting it into blocks and stacking it against
>> fence.
>Yeah, it's turrible here, it rained a little while ago, a real
duck-drowner, and the
>humidity fell several points. We've been getting high nineties temps in the
>afternoon with 96% humidity, really miserable weather to try to get out in.
I don't
>think I've got any knives or saws sharp enough to cut the stuff though.
Luckily I've
>got enough office work and remodeling to keep me under the air conditioning

It's been in the 90's with high humidity here too.  Supposed to go to 96-98
tomorrow, witth high humidity, but it's been so dry here that the grass in
most people's yards is mostly brown and we've been watering everything.
We missed a chance of rain this past Thursday, and won't get another
chance until this coming weekend, and that doesn't look promising.
This is unusual for us, as we get about 65 inches of rain per year, but
we are way behind this year.
If we could just get some of that humidity out of the air and into the

Bambi---praying for rain.....
Coastal Carolina