Re: [gardeners] OT

John Harman (
Wed, 9 Jun 1999 10:18:03 +1000 (EST)

On Mon, 7 Jun 1999, George Shirley wrote:

> wrote:
> > RE:  Removal of wallpaper.  There is a product that you apply and viola the
> > wallpaper comes off.  Wallpapers to Go used to carry it.
> >
> > Mary-Anne
> I used a product called DIF, touted as an excellent wallpaper remover by Home
> Depot. Didn't even scratch this stuff, hot water does as well as the DIF did.
> Got a name for the stuff that Wallpapers to Go used to carry Mary-Anne? I'm
> thinking like Bonnie, get some dynamite, take wallboard and all down and start
> over. <VBG>
> George
	And I thought you yanks were the cutting edge, techo wise. :)
	Surely you have wallpaper heat guns over there. Just melts the
	glue underneath, and it peels off like a snakes skin. Most
	hardware hire places have them.