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Thu, 10 Jun 1999 06:47:37 EDT

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> I had to laugh at your story on the purple scat. Back to the nicotiana I 
>  never grown this but did you possibly get the hybrid seeds? I think the 
> smell 
>  has been bred out of them if so. And I think they really release their 
>  at night. If you already knew all of this just disregard and act like I 
>  didn't post.<grin>

I am not sure about the nicotiania.  I planted some a few years ago at 
another house and they smelled wonderful.  The seeds came from a local 
discount store so were nothing special.  Last year I got my seeds from 
Thompson & Morgan and they had no scent.  I did get the appleblossom colored 
ones, so the scent may have been lost to get the color.  This time I got the 
seeds from a local nursery, in plain white, I don't remember the exact 
company that packaged them.  The seedlings all germinated within a few days 
and I have already gone out and thinned them out a bit.  I added a little 
cinnamon to the soil to keep the fungus that is forming from killing those 
little plants.  Wish me luck.  
Anne in FL
zone 9b    Where nicotiania may be winter flowers...