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Thu, 10 Jun 1999 06:47:38 EDT

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> All this talk of bear reminded me that I saw a mother black bear and 
>  3 little cubs on our cottage road last sunday.  The cubs were really 
>  quite small. . .two of them ran up the tree right beside the road so I 
>  got a good look at them.  
>  They were cute but I hope they move on to more unpopulated 
>  territory. . .my kids and I walk in those woods!!

If you are going to go walking make sure you make a lot of noise.  Take a 
whistle, a tamborine, lots of bells, something.  A mama bear with cubs is not 
one you want to surprise.  The noise should let her know you are coming and 
she will move on with the cubs.  Please don't take any chances.
Anne in FL
zone 9b