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Fri, 11 Jun 1999 09:19:35 EDT

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> Anne, we live in Zone 9b SW LA and nicotiania are definitely early summer
>  flowers here. Ours are growing and blooming right now. They bloom at 
> twilight
>  and all night and smell the strongest, at least to me, right at daylight.

Thanks George,
I was afraid of that.  I spent so much time this spring digging out new 
garden beds, while it was cool, I never got around to planting any seeds.  
Wonder, if they are shaded, it will stunt them enough to last until winter 
planting time in Aug. or Sept.?  I did, however, make room for all of my 
perennials and divide some of the old ones around that had become to big for 
their own good.  

Ah well, the basil is coming up gang busters.  The gailliardia is not doing 
as well, but there are maybe 3 plants out of 12 pots planted.  The geraniums 
(blueberry ripple) are starting to send up thier first leaves, and the Alaska 
Daisies are starting to germinate.  The Primula that was seeded last year is 
now, finally ready for potting up.  They have been very slow growers and only 
have about 3 or 4 leaves apiece.  These will have to be indoor plants as they 
will not survive the summers here in FL.
Anne in FL
zone 9b