Re: [gardeners] Orientation of beds

George Shirley (
Mon, 14 Jun 1999 19:44:42 -0500

Harry Boswell wrote:

> Quick poll:
> Do your vegetable beds run east-west or north-south?  I've finally
> finished building the screen house, and Janet has promised she will
> leave me alone and let me do gardening for a while now (I have
> *nothing* planted yet!).  I've been in the middle of building some new raised
> beds, and haven't placed them yet, so I'm wondering, since slope is not
> an issue, which orientation is best?  It's full sun, BTW.
> Thanks,
> Harry

The main garden here is in an east-west orientation and the new bed runs
north-south. Stuff planted in the north-south bed seems to grow faster and
produce more than the stuff in the east-west bed. It may be because I only plant
chiles, spinach, corn, and radishes in the 30 inch by 90 foot north-south bed.

Miz Anne and I got to thinking about it and all of our gardens, wherever we
lived, were primarily east-west orientation. Don't remember why, just that it was
that way.