[gardeners] Not in the garden on Monday

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 14 Jun 1999 19:50:55 -0500

No gardening today, went out to work early this morning and back at 9:00
am to find the hot water heater was leaking all over the carport. Off to
Home Depot with my buddy Sam and bought a new one and some extra parts
to rearrange the hook-up.  Twelve hours later we were finished. Of
course there was a break for lunch, several cold water breaks, and
breaks to figure out what we did wrong and where. Finally finished up
about 7 pm today and the heater is heating water for later as I write.
Probably only saved a few buck, mostly the labor charge for a plumber,
but boy, did we have fun. Miz Anne was gone most of the day and Sam's
wife stayed home so it was okay to cuss a little when we banged a toe or
a finger. If you think it's easy installing a water heater in a closet
try it. <VBG>

Tomorrow I'm off so I go to Sam's and return the labor by helping him
redo an old aviary he's turning into a generator room and storage for
fishing tackle. The two of us might make half a carpenter and a fourth
of a plumber but we enjoy working together. Sent him home with a bag
full of cukes, tomatoes, and chiles so he was happy.

George, gotta pick that garden again tomorrow morning