Re: [gardeners] Re: Eggplant

George Shirley (
Tue, 22 Jun 1999 17:34:38 -0500

Allen Breland wrote:

> George Shirley wrote:
> > Try Garden Gate nursery for your heat resistant tomatoes, should have them any day now.
> >
> > George
> George,
> Thanks for the info on preferences of summer tomatoes. I was going to
> try a variety to see which were better producers and better taste. Now I
> can save my money and effort and wasted space. Again thanks.
> Are you refering to Greengate Garden Center in Lake Charles? If not,
> where is Garden Gate? I hope they get them soon. I'm anxious to get them
> started as soon as posible. I love fresh tomatoes. The heat and humidity
> burned the bottoms and up to about half way of my Creoles and the fruit
> they were producing were small and frequently rotting on the vine before
> maturity. Are there any special considerations for Heatwave and Heatwave
> II?
> Allen

Yeah, that's it, Greengate. Memory blow out again, we used to shop at Patio Gardens here in
Sulphur but it has closed. Curry Feed in Sulphur often has the Heatwave II plants also.
They're right off of Ruth Street right next to the railroad tracks.

None of the tomatoes, even Heatwave and other hot weather ones, are going to do very much
during the hottest part of our humid summers. The thing is they will really start producing
again when October comes along. The fruit rots on the vine here due to heavy rains followed
by lots of sunshine, scalds, or cooks the fruit, making soft spots on the skin for disease
and bug attack. The only way I've found to save them is (a) put a shade over them (70% shade
cloth works well), (b) pick them when they first turn pink and let them ripen on the window
ledge - don't get that vine ripened taste but do get some tomatoes.