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George Shirley (
Tue, 22 Jun 1999 17:28:23 -0500

"c.l.avery" wrote:

> Dear List,
>   Well, since the list is so quiet I'll just jump in here.  I've been a
> member and reading your posts for almost a year now and have learned so much
> from you all and been cheered on too.  I'm new to gardening - just bought my
> first house last summer and so have my first bit of land that is mine and
> mine alone to garden with.  I've put in 35 lowbush blueberry bushes.  And I
> must say with some pride, that they are doing well.  All have leafed out and
> even new shoots are coming up!  I've got 3 raspberry bushes and 2 blackberry
> bushes that I put in also this spring that are shooting up about waist high
> by now.  However my 5 rosa rugosa albas are not doing well at all...4 of
> them are just sitting there -- no new leaves, no new shoots, and the 5th is
> on the death watch.  It came with 2 small 1/4 inch wide branches topped with
> leaves.  One side quickly turned yellow and the leaves curled under.  I felt
> that I had to cut it off and so I did just that.  That leaves this pitiful
> little plant with just one set of leaves on one spindly stem!  Pitiful!!!
>   I've got big healthy scarlet runner beans coming up and trailing all over
> the place -- haven't seen any of the "beans" on them yet though.  And
> George, I tried your cucuzzi seeds, for which I thank you again, but haven't
> had much luck.  I put out 6 seeds altogether but only one plant has come up.
>   It's only about 6 inches high at this point but I did notice that the last
> two days, which were rainy here, made it grow about an inch.  More water is
> in its future, I guess.  My morning glories were such a big disappointment!
> I was so looking forward to them and to moonflowers -- but all the seeds I
> put out failed.
>   So, I'm having a mixed gardening effort here, this first year in my home.
> I still have big plans though for the gardens.....I can't stop dreaming,
> even when confronted with gardening failure.
>   C.Avery
>   Bethesda
>   Zone 7b
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I've found that all of the edible gourds take lots of water on a regular basis
to produce fruit. Sounds like you've got the gardening bug bad and are working
hard at making your first house a real home.