[gardeners] in my garden

c.l.avery (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Tue, 22 Jun 1999 08:55:26 PDT

Dear List,
  Well, since the list is so quiet I'll just jump in here.  I've been a 
member and reading your posts for almost a year now and have learned so much 
from you all and been cheered on too.  I'm new to gardening - just bought my 
first house last summer and so have my first bit of land that is mine and 
mine alone to garden with.  I've put in 35 lowbush blueberry bushes.  And I 
must say with some pride, that they are doing well.  All have leafed out and 
even new shoots are coming up!  I've got 3 raspberry bushes and 2 blackberry 
bushes that I put in also this spring that are shooting up about waist high 
by now.  However my 5 rosa rugosa albas are not doing well at all...4 of 
them are just sitting there -- no new leaves, no new shoots, and the 5th is 
on the death watch.  It came with 2 small 1/4 inch wide branches topped with 
leaves.  One side quickly turned yellow and the leaves curled under.  I felt 
that I had to cut it off and so I did just that.  That leaves this pitiful 
little plant with just one set of leaves on one spindly stem!  Pitiful!!!
  I've got big healthy scarlet runner beans coming up and trailing all over 
the place -- haven't seen any of the "beans" on them yet though.  And 
George, I tried your cucuzzi seeds, for which I thank you again, but haven't 
had much luck.  I put out 6 seeds altogether but only one plant has come up. 
  It's only about 6 inches high at this point but I did notice that the last 
two days, which were rainy here, made it grow about an inch.  More water is 
in its future, I guess.  My morning glories were such a big disappointment!  
I was so looking forward to them and to moonflowers -- but all the seeds I 
put out failed.
  So, I'm having a mixed gardening effort here, this first year in my home.  
I still have big plans though for the gardens.....I can't stop dreaming, 
even when confronted with gardening failure.

  Zone 7b

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