Re: [gardeners] Re: Eggplant

George Shirley (
Tue, 22 Jun 1999 10:45:53 -0500

Allen Breland wrote:

> Hello fellow gardeners, this is Allen in Lake Charles, La. I just pulled
> up tomatoes (burnt by the heat and humidity) and the rest of the garden
> except melons and peppers and replanted purple hull peas, okra, and
> burpless cucs Fri. evening. Yesterday eve. when I got home all the peas
> were up and the okra and cucs were breaking soil. That has got to be a
> record for me. I'm rather proud of this (a novice). it took several days
> in the Spring, but I guess the soil is nice and warm which helps the
> seed to germinate. Has anyone else replanted for the summer. I'm waiting
> for the heat resistent tomatoes (Hawaiian Heat, etc.) to come into the
> nurseries. Does anyone have a preference of these type of tomatoes? I
> hope they are hardy and tasty.
> Allen

I tried the Hawaiian tomatoes a couple of years ago and had better results
with Heatwave and Heatwave II varieties. We've got a Heatwave II growing in
a bucket that my wife dug up last December and stuck in the greenhouse. We
don't get a lot of tomatoes off of it but 1 or 2 a week is a real treat in
what passes for our winter here. We will replant green beans next week but
the tomatoes, cucs, etc are still producing, just slowed down somewhat. We
planted the crowder peas late so they haven't started producing yet. The
yellow eyed beans are producing but we are saving them all for seed for next
year as we had poor germination (probably forgot to water at the critical

Picked a bunch of Yellow Bell and Purple Krim tomatoes this morning along
with a very small bucket of figs and a few paprika chiles. Little tiny
mosquitoes finally drove me out of the garden, their bites really burn when
they hit you.

Try Garden Gate nursery for your heat resistant tomatoes, should have them
any day now.