Re: [gardeners] sweet cherries

George Shirley (
Fri, 02 Jul 1999 15:51:51 -0500

margaret lauterbach wrote:

> Yesterday, Spartacus was cussed at because he barked and barked.  I finally
> went into the living room to see what his problem was, and saw that he had
> a real concern. A couple of neighbors were examining the neglected hybrid
> tea I intended to take out this spring. It has a bunch of dead branches and
> blossoming from below the graft to embarrass me, and it's loaded with
> lovely, fragrant blossoms to call everyone's attention to it. The people
> looking at it were neighbors and Master Gardeners, so I invited them inside.
> We had a nice chat, then they said they were going to his cousin's orchard
> to pick sweet cherries. Did we want some?  Why, yes we did. They brought by
> a bucket full of them this morning. Must be 5 lbs of sweet cherries. As for
> variety, I'd guess Van, although I don't see any twinning of fruit like the
> Van is prone to do. Most of the people in this area are not going to have
> much fruit, thanks to late frosts. Now that you're salivating, I'll tell
> you what our weather is like and forecast to be until Tuesday: high 70s,
> humidity in low 20s and nights in the 40s.  Possibly some rain.Have a
> beautiful and safe weekend.  Margaret L, in Boise, IDaho

Good grief! As if the sweet cherries story wasn't bad enough (he said as he
salivated down his front), you had to toss in some beautiful weather. It's 90
plus here with humidity in the high 90s, bright sun, occasional rain showers (to
add to the humidity), lots of mosquitos and nights that, sometimes, drop into
the high seventies. Our weekend will be safe and sound as we are planning
cookouts with neighbors and friends to carry us through Monday. Tomorrow I make
a huge eggplant dressing (thank you bsk (Bonnie aka RanchMama) for the nice
recipes) to take to a friend who has expressed a desire for such. Sunday it's
grilled chicken breasts at the neighbors and Monday it will be more traditional
Fourth of July fare at yet another neighbors home. We will be taking plates of
tomatoes, chiles, cukes, etc along with a nice cold eggplant caponata. Enjoy the
weekend gardeners.