Re: [gardeners] sweet cherries

penny x stamm (
Sat, 3 Jul 1999 00:22:47 -0400

Oh, Margaret --    I wish, I wish -- our weather is quite like
George's, and we cannot get very much accomplished because
of it. It rains every so often, which makes it impossible to plant
the rest of the flower seedlings, because everything feels like clay! 
The peas and cucumbers drowned from a faulty black soaker hose,
and that's quite demoralizing for Jimmie....

On Saturday we are obliged to join the family for a back yard picnic.
Now this should be a pleasure, but we know darned well that anyone 
driving OUT of Manhattan on a holiday should have his head
examined -- and that will be us. Off to New Jersey on Saturday noon, 
and may the gods be with us..

Sunday & Monday were to have been major planting days, but with
the prediction of 97 degree heat and very high humidity,  I know that
certainly EYE will hibernate. Oh yes, I truly envy your weather!

I just wonder what made me buy those 2 lbs of Bing cherries this

Penny, NY

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